A chassis in great condition is essential for the longevity of any restoration.

Ensuring that a chassis is well aligned is a Callanish Restorations specialty. By using a jigging system and utlising Nisbet’s extensive experience in smash work we can guarantee that a chassis will be the best that it can be.


Great gaps and smooth panels are a feature of a Callanish Restoration.

Lead finishing is sometimes used to reduce the amount of body filler.

Vents, either guard or shroud, increase the air flow to the engine compartment. They also enhance the look of the car, subject to personal preference.


A fantastic paint finish is the icing on the cake of any restoration.

Top quality products and the use of specialty equipment such as a rotisserie and a low bake oven assist in providing a great finish to all Callanish Restoration jobs.


As with most areas of restoration, progress is often painstaking. With most of the work in areas that are not seen, it appears that there is little happening.

We do supply clients with updates both verbally and electronically. Inspection is also welcomed and encouraged at any time.


Here are some of our completed jobs.

Some are in the process of being assembled by their owners and will come back to us for completion.

Pedal Car

We are in the early stages of fully restoring a client’s pedal car, a cherished possession.

It is off to the sandblaster’s today and we sill provide updates as time goes on.

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