It’s all about Spruce

Spruce is coming along well – quite a stunner really.

  • Australian delivered May 9 1954
  • BN1

Spruce arrived at Callanish mid 2015.

What’s happened in the last week?

  • The engine is running.
  • The wheels and tyres are on
  • The windscreen is sitting in its frame ready to go on the car
  • All panels are in situ

Next week?

  • Spruce will get a new coat of paint

All of the work is paying off now. We are on the home stretch. So, the plan for Spruce? We think Spruce deserves a showing off at Goodwood in September. That’s what we are working towards at least. Spruce will accompany Ryan, a classic plane, which is on display at the Goodwood air show. Mind you, if someone here would like Spruce to experience life in Australia we’re happy for offers.

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