What We Offer

We Offer:

  • Full chassis and body restoration.
  • Modifications to body, engine and gear box. Fancy rally vents, a rally grille, flared guards, an engine overhaul, a modified gear box or a revamped overdrive? We can do it all.
  • Accident and chassis repair due to extensive experience using jigging systems such as Masterbench.
  • Pre-purchase inspection of a car you may have your heart set on.
  • Finding a new owner for a car you may wish to sell.
  • Sourcing parts you may need.

How can clients find out about the progress of their car?

Like most restorations progress can be painstaking. As work is often in areas that are not seen, it can appear that little is happening (apart from monthly invoices). Therefore we:

  • Supply clients with updates both verbally and electronically.
  • Encourage and welcome inspection at any time.


Preserving History – a legacy for the future

A commitment to the mission of Integrity, Care, Experience

Tailoring restorations to a client’s budget

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